JUN 5, 1985



Download 26 MB

Install instructions

Arrow keys to move left and right.

Escape to pause.

To run offline version, extract the folder and run "Science CCGJ.exe"


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Takyon is subatomic penetration rapid fire through my skull. It plays similar to Super Hexagon with inverted controls, married with the visual overload seen in bullet hell games like Touhou (although it's not as overbearing here). New obstacle types are introduced in isolation so they don't come as a surprise while you're trying to avoid other ones; this makes the game's progression much less difficult to adapt to, while still posing a challenge as more and more obstacles appear at once. As a big fan of fast reaction/"twitch" games (e.g. Super Hexagon, Boson X), this game is right up my alley.

This game is very well made and it feels great t play. The overall idea is very well implemented and I must say it looks great! Well done. Also, as it's a Jam game, I personally would love to vote well for this. In addition to that, I would love to check your upcoming games ahead of time. All the best!